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Concept Car: Rinspeed Oasis
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Photo Credit: Business Insiders

Each year at the Detroit Auto Show, every automotive company in the book unveils it’s newest and most creative concepts. Each and every open is worthy of mentioning. However, by and large one of the oddest of cars this year is the Oasis concept, from Rinspeed. This kooky vehicle can barely count as a car anymore.  In fact, it’s more of a taxi rather then a personal vehicle.

The concept around this little vehicle is that would work as a ride-sharing service, kinda like Lyft or Uber does. However, the difference here is that you’re hiring the car, minus the driver. I\It’s fully automated to take you and a passenger (yeah you totally share these bad boys) wherever you need. You can even get a list of nearby cars and their current occupants, then choose which car to hire based on your opinions of your fellow passenger. Here’s the crazy part though. This car has a tiny garden under the windshield! If that isn’t strange, it be hard to find something that is.