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The Ford Bronco
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Photo Credit: Automotive News

It’s been quite a long time since the Jeep Wrangler had competition. The Wrangler has generally commanded its class since the Bronco went out of production in the 90s. So when Ford announced the return of both the Bronco and the Ranger, many people get quite excited. The Bronco is ging to have an upward battle, as many folks remember how many issues they had with the vehicle back during its production runs in the 90s.

However, the world is a very different place now, new technologies, new ways to test products. That gives the Bronco a new chance to thrive. They seem to be stepping away from the old style as well, as it’s reported by Automotive News that they won’t be sticking to the Retro style the last Broncos held. Will the Bronco provide a solid competition for the Wrangler? Who Knows, only time will tell.

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