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Volkswagen ID concept sparks into life
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Volkswagen ID concept sparks into life

German car giant Volkswagen has used the 2016 Paris Motor Show as the platform on which to formally reveal the Volkswagen ID concept — the brand’s take on an alternatively fuelled future.

To get a better idea of how the Volkswagen ID concept could herald a new generation of electric vehicles, the UK’s leading retailer of new, nearly new, demonstrator and used Volkswagen cars Inchcape Volkswagen has analysed the vehicle in more detail:

A look at the Volkswagen ID’s design

There is plenty to catch the eye when it comes to the Volkswagen ID concept.

The car’s exterior, for example, particularly stands out due to the fact that its front end is entirely blanked off and comes complete with digital headlamps wrapped in LED daytime running lights. The lighting of the vehicle can also adopt varying characteristics, based on the charge status and current driving mode.

Head inside the Volkswagen ID concept — which is simple due to the fact that it has five doors — and you’ll be greeted by a cabin made up of four seats. Technology plays a huge part in the vehicle’s interior as well, with an LED display featuring on the car’s dashboard, rear cameras being used in place of mirrors and a steering wheel being able to retract when autonomous driving mode is selected.

Underlining the revolutionary set up of the Volkswagen ID concept’s cabin, Dr Diess simply stated: “No buttons, no switches, no sticks, just screens.”

The interior of the Volkswagen ID concept shown off at the Paris Motor Show was also aesthetically-pleasing due to it being decorated in a bright white tone along with electric blue accents.

Each Volkswagen ID concept driver gets their own unique ID

One of the most intriguing aspects of owning a Volkswagen ID will be that each driver will receive their own unique ID, which contains their personal and driving preferences.

What is particularly interesting about this development is that it will be able to connect drivers to Home-Net — technology that enables people to control aspects of their smart home from their vehicle — and also allow parcels to be delivered directly to their car.

You didn’t read that last part incorrectly. The boot of the Volkswagen ID can effectively double-up as a mailbox, where delivery drivers are given temporary access to the vehicle’s boot and then owners receive a notification every time a delivery has been successfully completed to their car.

Making use of Volkswagen’s current electric car family

The Volkswagen ID concept isn’t set to be introduced onto roads until 2020. However, that doesn’t mean that drivers have to wait four years to experience electric vehicles from the German car maker. Keep an eye out for these cars:

  • The e-up! — An electric version of the multi-award-winning city car, which can achieve 0-62mph in 12.4 seconds and comes complete with various Driver Assistance technology to make driving less stressful.
  • The e-Golf — While packing the same levels of practicality, refinement and advanced technology you’d expect from a standard Volkswagen Golf, the e-Golf also boasts an entirely electric drivetrain and zero tailpipe emissions.