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Shining the spotlight on the new Volkswagen Tiguan SUV
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Shining the spotlight on the new Volkswagen Tiguan SUV

The second iteration of the Volkswagen Tiguan is finally here. Inchcape Volkswagen, the UK’s leading retailer for new, nearly new, demonstrator and used VW cars, are on hand to discuss why this should be considered your next set of wheels.

The case for the second-generation Volkswagen Tiguan

The second-generation VW Tiguan brings many changes to the German manufacturer’s popular SUV, including the car being refreshed, redesigned and looking quite a bit posher.

In fact, the original Tiguan was regarded as the perfect model in between a mainstream crossover like a Nissan Qashqai and a premium crossover akin to the Audi Q3. With the new Tiguan, the vehicle has entered a more upmarket scene.

Here’s a look at some of the standout features of the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan:

The new VW Tiguan’s exterior design

Long-time fans of the Tiguan will likely notice that the 2017 model is a little larger than its predecessor. To be specific, the new SUV is 60mm longer in length and 30mm longer in width than the conventional Tiguan. It’s 22mm lower too.

In terms of style, you are sure to notice the many sharp lines and creases which populates the new Tiguan’s exterior the first time you clap eyes on the SUV. Choose the R-Line version and you’ll be capturing further attention with bumpers that come complete with muscular vents and details.

The new VW Tiguan’s interior design

If you’ve experienced a previous Tiguan, one of the first things that you are likely to notice when stepping inside the 2017 model is the fact that the cabin has been given a classier finish thanks to the inclusion of various higher standard materials.

Practicality is another appealing factor of the new Tiguan’s interior. This is highlighted by the fact that the SUV’s rearmost seats are able to be moved backwards and forwards, so that passenger or boot space can be enhanced depending on the requirements.

Speaking of space, the boot can accommodate 520 litres even with the rear seats settled in their normal position. This can be increased to 615 litres if the rear seats are pushed forward, or a huge 1,655 litres when they are folded flat.

The new VW Tiguan’s technology

The impressive technological features of the 2017 VW Tiguan can be seen throughout all aspects of the SUV.

Daytime running lights will ensure the car is always seen no matter how bad the weather conditions become, while ambient lighting that’s spread across the door handles and sills, dashboard and footwells will relax drivers during whatever journey they have planned.

Make trips on the road even less stressful via an optional heads-up display that rises from the dashboard and sees the car’s speed, navigation data and surrounding traffic signs brought safely into the driver’s field of vision.

Pricing and release date of the new Volkswagen Tiguan

UK deliveries for the new Volkswagen Tiguan begin in November, with prices starting at £22,510 for the Tiguan S model that features a 1.4 TSI petrol engine, front-wheel-drive capability and a manual gearbox.

There are numerous variants available for those after plenty of choice though:

  • The new VW Tiguan SE, which features a more powerful 148bhp 1.4-litre engine, is available from £25,260.
  • The new VW Tiguan SE NAV, which also makes use of the more powerful 148bhp 1.4-litre engine, is available from £25,985.
  • The new VW Tiguan SEL, which features a 148bhp diesel engine, is available from £29,610.
  • The new VW Tiguan R-Line, which also makes use of the 148bhp diesel engine, is available from £31,925.
  • The new VW Tiguan BiTDi with R-Line trim, which features a 237bhp engine, is available from £38,000.