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The Shell Concept Car
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Meet the Car Smaller Than a Smart Car!

It’s not difficult to look at a smart car and think to yourself, “This is easily the smallest car I’ve ever seen”. In some circles of thought, you’d probably be right. Seating two people, the current model focuses on fuel conservation first. However, The Shell Concept Car has taken this a step further, creating a vehicle that seats three…and is two feet thinner than the smart car.

It started its life in 2010 as the T.25, and is designed to fit three inside the model. The driver is located in the center, and the passengers are seated just behind. Basically, Gordon Murray (creator of the F1 Supercar), wanted to create a car that was easy to drive, build, and repair. That way people could focus on its practicality. With very innovative ideas, the entire build is quite interesting, and it’s worth checking out more information at the link below.

The Shell Concept Car

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