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The Future of Two-Wheeled BMW’s
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BMW’s motorcycle concept looks very artistic at first glance. As in, it might be a little hard to imagine riding the bike down the highway going 70 miles an hour. But when the Automaker wanted to really step out of its box, this is what they developed. The way they claim it is that it’s to combine man and machine in one piece of technology.

They called upon the old soul of motorcycling, and combine it with the sensual ride that the BMW provides. All things considered, the design really is quite inspiredĀ and seems to be strangely reminiscent of the Light Cycles from the Tron series. The bike is built from both Carbon and Banded Fabric. It’s built so that there’s no need for suspension components either, the tires help dampen the bike in case of any divets in the ground. These and many more technologies have been added to the bike. They want this bike to help lead them into the future, only time will tell whether they’ve accomplished just that.

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