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The New Dodge Challenger Hellcat?
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Anyone who follows American sports cars knows about the Hellcat’s traction problems. It’s fast, an absolute beast to handle on the road. The big issue however is the fact that it’s engine oversteps its tire capability. As of this point in time, the company hasn’t released any future plans into the news about fixing this issue.

However, according to road and track, Automotive News released some interesting information. They’ve claimed that an all new, all-wheel drive challenger might pop up on the market sometime in the next year or so. Apparently, after that, the company may release a rear-wheel model. This is quite exciting news, as Challenger’s have never been released like this. The Charger, the model that sits in the same bearing as the Challenger has, but the Challenger is another monster entirely. Dodge has some exciting plans coming up real soon, so it’s exciting to watch the company shift.

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