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Alfa Romeo Can’t Seem To Make Up It’s Mind
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Alfa Romeo seems to be as lost as the entire Millenial Generation right now. Three years ago, The Automaker announced it’s plans that the Spider would return with the Chassis that was spearheading the new Miata. Then Two years ago they changed their minds, giving the Miata based project to Fiat. Now, it seems that they’ve given up on the project entirely.

Apparently Alfa Romeo has switched tracks. After putting the spider on the backburner, they decided to swing more towards cross-overs again. While this saddened a great number of Auto enthusiasts, it makes sense given the companies recent challenges. Alfa Romeo is trying really hard to bring a new rear-drive sedan onto the market. So it makes sense that they’d swing into crossovers, which are currently so popular.

While it’s always nice to see a model get a solid reboot, they are a business. They need to focus on what’s going to sell, and so they’re doing what they think is best. But wouldn’t it have been awesome to see an all new 2017 Alfa Romeo Spider?

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