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66 plate cars to look out for
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66 plate cars to look out for

The new car market is in the midst of one of its busiest times of the year, thanks to the arrival of the 66 reg plate on September 1st.

If you’re looking for your next set of wheels, new and used car dealership Motorparks is on-hand to advise on three vehicles that will appeal to you, whatever your requirements:

Fiat Tipo

Expected release: September 2016

This car will suit me if: I need a family-friendly vehicle.

Reasons why: There are a number of reasons why drivers and passengers alike will love going for a drive in the Fiat Tipo, whether they opt for an estate or hatchback variant of the vehicle.

For one, the Tipo is designed with five doors for easy access, no matter if you’re sitting in the front or back of the car. There’s plenty of space available around all five of the vehicle’s seats too; enough space to accommodate a quintet of adults, in fact.

On the topic of space, the boot space available on the Tipo measures in at 420 and 520 litres for the hatchback and estate models respectively. Packing luggage never need be a stress again.

Once you’re ready to take the Tipo out for a drive, you’ll be pleased to hear that the car’s 1.3-litre MultiJet diesel engine is claimed to achieve over 70mpg. The inclusion of Fiat’s state-of-the-art Uconnect infotainment system will also make every journey entertaining.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Expected release: November 2016

This car will suit me if: I need a company car.

Reasons why: The release of the Alfa Romeo Giulia in November will see the iconic car maker returning to the executive saloon sector for the first time since the Alfa Romeo 159.

There are plenty of reasons to be excited for Alfa Romeo’s reappearance in the sector. The Giulia captures attention instantly with its luxurious design, for instance, while there’s loads of handy tech and equipment waiting to be found once you step behind the wheel.

With a 2.2-litre diesel engine able to limit CO2 emissions to under 100g/km, drivers of the Giulia also get to enjoy tax-free motoring.

Looking to cut your costs of motoring further? The Alfa Romeo Giulia will be available at an attractive price, though further deals and offers can be sought out by keeping an eye on Motorparks’ new Alfa Romeo range hub.

Ford Ka+

Expected release: October 2016

This car will suit me if: I regularly drive in the city.

Reasons why: Upon first glimpse of the Ford Ka+, you are bound to notice that the car is designed with five doors. This is a significant departure from the three-door setup that fans of the Ka will be used to.

Fortunately, the third-generation model of the Ford Ka is still compact enough to navigate busy city centre streets and even the tightest of corners without any trouble.

Another eye-catching aspect of the Ford Ka+ is the fact that each model will come packed with electric rear windows, striking specifying alloy wheels and a powerful air conditioning system as standard.

Prices for the Ka+ are set to start at £8,995, though check out Motorparks’ new Ford range portal to keep up-to-date with fantastic offers and deals that come available as the car’s October release date gets closer.