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32 Concept Cars
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Design Your Way has recently compiled 32 of the coolest concept cars of the year. Some of them have been built, while others are solely in the concept realm. It makes sense with models such Taihoo 2046 Concept Car, which depends entirely on levitating to accomplish what it needs to move about. While some focus on alternative forms of transportation, some focus more on model design.

Models such as the Lamborghini Ankonian by Slavche Tanevski and the Inner City Vehicle by Sean Seongjun Ko are of particular note. They truly challenge the modernized look of standard cars. That’s one of the added benefits of a concept car, is that your only limited by your own imagination. Which definitely adds a solid benefit from human stubbornness. Many of these models might just become a reality. After all, cars were once an impossibility right? SO what’s stopping humans from building these?

Check out the full list here!

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