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2017 Trans Am Worldwide Trans Am
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Many people remain saddened still by the end of the Pontiac Automotive Company. More then that, many people miss the power of the Trans Am. It’s platform descendant, the Camaro reminds many of what the model used to be like. So to give people that slight sense of nostalgia, Chevrolet has decided to give everyone a little treat.

For a limited run next year, the Camaro’s been detailed to match the paint style of its defunct twin. The black paint that shows the mean side of the vehicle, but it sports an amazing golden bird across its hood. ┬áThis isn’t trying to match up to the Trans-Am, as they aren’t atttempting to bring back the model. But there’s no reason as to why they can’t look back to a company that helped the community grow. Pontiac’s were a staple of American cars for quite some time, and this tiny view into the past is a solid reason for the paint job.

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