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Smartphone App of the Month: GasBuddy
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Never Run Out of Gas Again

Last month an article popped up on an app that helps you find parking spaces across your city. So this month we located another app that’s a must have for car enthusiasts. GasBuddy, an app developed in 2013 to help you locate nearby gas stations. The beneficial thing about it is that it can help you organize either by distance or price.

In other words, it can help if you’re low on gas and need to find a station quickly. or if you’ve got time and you’re looking for a good price it can help with that as well. It’s highly recommended for car enthusiasts, people who like car long rides, or those who use Uber or Lyft with frequency. On top of the app, the website supports a blog that keeps its customers up to date with information relating to both the app and news on gas. So your never in the dark about your prices!

Check out the website and app here!