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KIA Telluride Concept
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Subtle Design Changes Provide a New Vehicle Entirely

This year at the Detroit Autoshow, KIA brought its newest weapon to the table. The KIA Telluride, an SUV in the same vein as what you’re used to, but with a few key design changes.  As of late, SUV’s have all taken on a very similar appearance. They’re curvy, big and many of them look too similar to each other. So this time around, KIA went out and actually built this vehicle with a much more Retro style to it.

They  jumped on calling back to that older style mostly in the front end. While they maintained the Tiger Nose style that helps KIA make its mark, they changes are there to help the vehicle step away from it’s cousins. They’ve decided to opt for a much more upright style for their car. As far as reviews go, many enthusiasts can’t help but appreciate the design.

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