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3 Common Automotive Innovations
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The Future is Now

2015 marked the year of Back to the Future. With it, came the ideology that we currently live in an age where science and science fiction go hand in hand. Seeing as the fact the automotive technology is being improved upon every single day, it should be prudent to take a look back at where we came from. Here are three technological advancements that are now just common features in vehicles!

Rear-Mounted Camera:

Rearview Cameras were once a luxury option. But they’ve now become a staple of many of the newer models of cars that have been released.

Automatic Transmission:

After being introduced in the mid-50s in the Oldsmobile, it’s taken the market by storm. Almost every model under the sun allows for Automatic Transmission as an option.

Car to Phone Bluetooth:

Many of the newer models allow you to connect your phone to the car, that way your conversations aren’t dragging your attention away from the road.

With cars becoming more and more luxurious, it’s easy to contemplate what advancements we’ll be seeing next!