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2018 Mercedes Mayback Pullman
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Mercedes Stretches its way to Your Heart

The Mayback Pullman has released it’s identity for the 2018 model. Boy is it a dozy, at 21+ feet long, it’s looking like the model has of course taken one more step into being a limo into a luxury limo rather than the sedan it was at one point. They’ve really pulled out all the stops with this make, as their first models have finally been shipped out earlier this year.

After a nice unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show late last year, it has received well-earned buzz from the higher class. Alongside the additional 3.5 feet that has been added to the car, every upgrade committed to this car just oozes class. But what can you expect from a car that has long been used by royalty to transport them? If you should be looking for a new luxury limousine to help transport your clients, look no further! In fact, you can even add armor to the vehicle for the right price as an upgrade, should you ever need it!

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