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Teutonic Evolution
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2017 Audi A5

Teutonic Evolution, the very phrase inspires idle images of two giant monster fighting in the grand canyon, right? Well that may not be the worst image to go along with Audi’s newest model, the A5 Coupe. This model takes a step in the same direction that the momentous A4 did, but makes up for it’s lack of uniqueness in that area by taking many subtle design changes from their not so old Prologue Concept Car.

By adding the curved edges that make the concept car stand out in the way that id does, the Audi has a unique personality brought to its exterior.  As an added design change, they’ve matched the grilles to the two cars to give the Audi a newer, more aggressive looking front end. And that’s just the changes made on the outside. The air-intake valves have been re-developed in such a manner so they work better, the engine has been beefed up, and the interior has been made into a sportier and more luxurious ride.

The A5 (alongside it’s older sibling the A4) was developed as a mid-class luxury ride for the every-man! So there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from running out today and adding on to your fleet.

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