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Always Find a Place to Park

In the big city, having a car is super convenient…until you have to find a parking space. Who hasn’t gone to the city and had to search for an extra hour just to find a spot in a broken down back alley and thought, “why couldn’t I just have bought a parking spot?”. Which of course is a completely valid service, but parking prices in places like New York can be as high as 40-50 dollars a DAY.

Luckily, there’s an alternative, Parkatmyhouse is an iPhone app that was launched back in 2012, it started in London, but has spread across the states now as well. The service (obviously) is one where you list your driveway up for sale, and rent it out for often a fraction of how much a meter or garage space would cost, simply by opening the app and finding a driveway to park! Backed by BMW and widely successful in New York, D.C. and more, Parkatmyhouse is gaining more and more steam with each passing year!

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