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Final Edition of The Dodge Viper
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Have We Seen the Last of the Viper?

The Dodge Viper has been a staple of the Dodge line since its conception in 1989, and been one of the models that puts Dodge on the map. But for as popular as the car is among enthusiasts, all companies must evolve. So, while shocking, Dodge put out news last week that it had decided to stop producing the Viper.

It made about 206 more cars of it’s last models, the 2017. But apparently the people took advantage of the chance, as all the cars were spoken for in just. 5. days.

This has prompted Dodge to build about 31 more cars from for this year, and who knows what they’ll unveil after that. So if you’re looking to a add a viper to your collection, you still have a chance! The Viper has always had a reputation amongst elite circles for it’s sleek design and otherworldly engines, so taking one of these last cars as your own will give you a piece of history to call your own.