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The Tesla Model S Supercar
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The Tesla Model S Supercar

What do you get when humanity decides to push the bill even further in a field that struggles find more impressive ways to create innovations? When humanity takes the aggressive power of supercars with the surprising sustainability of electricity? Tesla Motors proudly unveiled it’s Model S Supercar last year, to a warm reception from all sides. It’s surprising stats catching many auto enthusiasts off guard.

The vehicle lives up to it’s reputation as well, with the Model S’ “Ludicrous Mode”, a mode built for the P90D Performance model is able to take you from 0-60 in as little as 2.8 seconds, the car is easily placed in it’s well earned category and has the ability to out-accelerate several of it’s competitors. Alongside it’s acceleration the vehicle sports a travel distance of about 300 miles on a single battery charge, the Model S Supercar is the car that you’ve been hoping, nay, waiting for.

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