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Car Wars
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Car Wars

With Starwars: The Force Awakens out on the shelves for consumer purchase, and the recent release of the trailers for the newest addition to the series, Starwars: Rouge One, it’s pretty easy to understand why one of everbody’s main focuses at the moment is Star Wars. After all, how many times recently have you heard the words “I just recently blew through all the movie again”, recently?

As always, people around the world are thinking on the subject, thinking of how their talents and interests would relate into that world of fiction. Writers work on fanfiction, Kids wage epic light-saber battles using flashlights, and car enthusiasts? We sit there, picturing which of the cars humanity has built would fit into the movie franchise.

Well motorcars.co.uk has recently come out with a handy diagram detailing which cars would handle the hostile planets of Hoth, Endor and more! If you want to satisfy your curiosity, check it out below:


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