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Audi R8 Coupe: Definitely Your Sportscar Must-Have
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If you are looking for a new sportscar to complete your collection or you want to change your sports cars for the best, better check out the Audi R8 Coupe as it might be the sporstcar that you are looking for in the first place.

The exterior is awesome as it was really intricately designed to give you something you will never find in any other ordinary sporstcar. Check out the sideblades  which you will find really irresistible. Perfection was the aim of the designers of this car and they really made it look like how they aimed it. The slim Audi Singleframe is a good catch. Added to the powerful designs are the LED Headlights and the LED rear lights. You will also discover the V8 or V10 mid-engine with Quattro permanent all-wheel drive. It is located beneath the rear window of the car.

Inside, you will find the glossy black aluminum look with high-quality. You also have the option to have the full-leather upholstery with the exclusive diamond design. For the storage, you can have the 100 liters luggage space under the bonnet. Additional 90 liters space is found behind the rear seats too.

You have two great options for the engine. You can choose the 4.2 L V8 FSI engine or the 5.21 V10 FSI engine. The engines have the High Rev Concept (HRC) which makes the Audi R8 Coupe reach maximum speed of 314 km/h. The FSI principle is the feature present in the Audi R8 Coupe which makes it fuel-efficient.