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Safety, Versatility , Economy and Modernity with the 2014 Toyota Yaris
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Looking for a car which has all the qualities of safety, versatility and economy? Well, you never have to look far. Toyota has the answer for your wishes. Live more with this car in your garage. It is a good choice for ladies as well as for men who want some comfort and style without spending too much on it. Driving can only get better with the features of the 2014 Toyota Yaris.

Safety in the Car

Many people look for some extra safety in cars especially when the travel is long and they have to spend some time on the road. It is very good to have this added safety feature system of Yaris. It has the advanced airbag system consisting of 9 airbags keeping you guarded all the time.

This is the perfect car for those busy mom and dads having kids around. With the unique and especially designed seatbelts for your little ones, you can carry them with you on your road trips and never have to worry about them falling in your comfortable car.

Versatility for Everyone

Whether you are travelling short distances or you are going for the long distance ride for a vacation, the Toyota Yaris will be versatile enough to keep you supported. The liftback door is very accessible for your baggage.

Inside the Toyota Yaris, you could find many compartments for your little gadgets. Whether you love bringing your mobile phones, iPods or other trinkets with you, you’re sure that they have a place in the many compartments inside the Yaris.

Plus, you also have the choice of 5-doors or 6 doors for easier alighting and going inside the car.

Economy for your budget

When you need to travel daily to your office, business or for your leisure, choose Yaris as it is reliable when it comes to giving you value for your money. Spend less in your gas expenses with its 37 highway mpg.

Modern Features

Having the latest features in car technology is now a step away with Toyota Yaris. Enjoy your choice of entertainment through the USB port installed inside the car.

If you want to enjoy some Bluetooth technology, the 2014 Toyota Yaris is also equipped with this latest technology which you can use for music streaming. Enjoy your favorite music on the road and never get bored again inside your car while you travel many miles away.

What are you waiting for? Drive your own 2014 Toyota Yaris now and hit the road with style.

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