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Introducing the New Toyota 2014 Highlander
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In year 2014 comes another innovation for car enthusiasts who want both fashion and function.  Let us introduce to you the new Toyota 2014 Highlander with all its modern features and design. It is the next big thing when it comes to sports utility vehicles. This car is one which is made for the whole family. Whether you are travelling in short distances or for the long ride, the Toyota 2014 will have all your family driven safe and smoothly.
The engine:
It has a remarkably four-cylinder engine. You will surely save more because when it comes to fuel, this is very efficient.
You can also choose from two other types of engines which are:
1.    V6 which has a six-speed transmission
2.    V6-powered Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain
The capacity:
For the seats:
It can accommodate up to 8 people in the vehicle. It has three rows wherein everyone can sit on comfortably and safely.
For the cargoes:
It has an extra large cabin for your baggage when you are traveling somewhere. It has also new technologies inside which will make your cargoes safe and intact along the way.
The Interior:
Are you looking for some great design when it comes to your family car? Look no further as the 2014 Toyota Highlander has a great modern design. Moreover, it is made of the best materials built to last.
The interior is very elegant. You can see a touch of silver inside plus some chrome and satin accents. The seats are stitched in contrast design too plus the fabrics are equally gorgeous and of the best quality with leather cuts.
If you want to have a cup of coffee on the road, you can stay in the second row. This has a side tray which can be collapsed.
The safety:
Because Toyota knows you value your family’s safety, it assures this through the safety features of this SUV. It has a total of eight standard air bags which will keep you safe and protected. It also has a Star Safety System which will ensure the best protection for everyone inside the car. Modern features also include a back up camera.
So if you are planning to buy your SUV this year, why not buy the 2014 Toyota Highlander. It will be available in showrooms by the end of January.

Highlander 2014

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