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Brace Yourself for the New 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser
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Another great SUV from Toyota, the new 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser will surely take you to places you’ve never been. With it’s modern and world-class built, it makes the perfect car for the whole family or whole gang. Just imagine yourself effortlessly driving in this comfortable and modern car and you know you have found the right choice.

The new 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser comes with great features that will surely make you effortlessly classy when it comes to your car. Make your friends awe in wonder with the powerful drive you will exude with its  Double Overhead Cam (DOHC) 32-valve V8. It also has the Dual Independent Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) that will take you to any mountain or terrain safe and smooth.

This car exudes elegance with its interior details including the leather trimmed and heated steering wheel. If you choose comfortable seats, it has ventilated and heated seats that will keep your passengers in the right temperature wherever you will go. You can carry as many as 8 passengers with this spacious SUV. Go on and invite all your friends for the fun rides.

What more can a car owner ask from Toyota than a safety system. And this is met by the 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser with its 10 standard airbags which are ready to operate anytime during the trips. Another smart safety feature is the pre-collision system. Now you can detect if other vehicles are near you and if they pose threats to your safe driving.

With these, these SUV from Toyota becomes a perfect car find for family and friends. Happy driving!

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