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5 Signs that your Mechanic is Ripping you off
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If your car needs to be repaired or serviced, you would hope that you have engaged the services of a

reputable mechanic who will not scam you or rip you off. Try to get a recommendation from friends

as to what mechanic they may have used. A business is often built on referrals and reputation, so if

you find a good mechanic, make sure you recommend him! If you are mechanically challenged, here

are some tips that might make you question what your mechanic is telling you. A good mechanic will

explain everything to you and will answer any questions that you may have.

Insist on quality replacement parts

Some mechanics will use inferior and cheaper replacement parts but will still charge you top dollar.

Cheaper brake pads or rotors often don’t have the exact capability as genuine ones. Make sure you

are getting what you pay for. You can ask to see the receipt for the parts. You can also ask to keep

the old parts. This might ensure that the repair to your vehicle is done properly.

Know what is going on

If your car has developed a problem, notice when the sensor light came on, if there is a noise

associated with the problem, the speed you were doing, whether the problem is when the car is

moving or when the car is idling. These are all things that can help identify the problem and put you

in control of what needs to be done.

Car services

A routine car service will have a list of what needs to be done on each occasion. If any additional

faults are found, the mechanic should contact you before proceeding with any extra work. He should

then seek your permission to carry out this work, or you can delay the work to another time if it is

not urgent and you are short of funds. You should never have any ‘surprises’ when you pick your car

up after a service.

Get a written quote

It’s always good to know what costs you are up for. For routine jobs, such as an oil change, the

mechanic will know in advance what the cost will be. This will stop them adding on anything extra,

unless they contact you first.

Shop Around

Before deciding on a mechanic, shop around for prices. This will give you some leverage when

dealing with an automotive service, as price discrepancies can sometimes vary greatly. If you aren’t

happy with a quote or advice, always get a second opinion.

As a vehicle owner, your car will need regular maintenance. Make an appointment with Diff Lapping QLD where expert staff will answer

any questions you may have. Vehicles should always be maintained and looked after as they are

necessary for work, to transport family members, for daily duties and may even be needed in

emergencies. A well maintained vehicle looked after by a trustworthy and competent automotive

service technician, or mechanic, will bring you peace of mind.