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Which one of the Ford Max-Family is right for me?
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Ford B-Max

Best for – families on a budget. Small families.

The Ford B-Max is the smallest MPV Ford produce. Despite this, it has a spacious interior, a large boot, and due to it being a family vehicle, there are tons of clever little storage cubbies to put things.

Available with a range of engines, including the delightful 1.0 EcoBoost engine, this car is best for smaller families.

On the road, prices start from £12,995 for the Ford B-Max. This isn’t very much for the amount of car on offer. The best trim level is Titanium, which boasts cruise control, climate control, and all of the creature comforts you and your family will need for a relaxing journey. The cheapest Titanium model rolls in at £17,595 with a 1.0 EcoBoost engine.

Ford C-Max

Best for – larger than average sized families. Those who seek a reliable and fun car.

If the Ford B-Max is too small for your family, the C-Max is the next logical step up – this is one of the best mid-sized MPV’s on the market, beating out competition from Vauxhall and Renault. Why? Well, the C-Max has a bigger boot than its rivals, a higher reliability record, and it’s good fun to drive – fun and MPV don’t usually come under the same sentence.

Also, the C-Max comes well equipped whatever specification you go for, although, Titanium models do benefit from cruise control and climate control, and that trim level boasts excellent residuals.

We recommend the 2.0 TDCi 140 engine, which has plenty of power and returns good economy.

On the road, prices start from £17,350  for the C-Max.

Ford S-Max

Best for – larger families. Families that seek luxury at an affordable price.

The Ford S-Max is the daddy of the Max-family. This car takes everything that’s fantastic about the B-Max and C-Max and makes it bigger, and in many ways, better.

For example, this car is over 12mm longer than the C-Max, and it’s more than 6mm wider than the B-Max – this means more space inside, and greater road presence. Passengers notice this immediately, and it’s large enough to transport a family of five and a dog in comfort.

It is on the move that the S-Max, like its smaller siblings, shows its true colours – the S-Max is impossibly well refined, with a ride quality you’d expect from an executive saloon, not a family MPV. Despite its size, the S-Max is extremely good fun to drive too, and it feels much more nimble than its dimensions suggest.

On the road, prices start from £23,105 for the S-Max, but the version you want that comes complete with cruise control and climate control is £25,655. Glasgow’s Macklin Motors offer the Ford S-Max, and they recommend the S-Max for larger families.