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Getting in Gear as an Automotive Blogger
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Getting in Gear as an Automotive Blogger

Are you revved up with excitement from the latest models displayed at the Frankfurt Auto Show? Do you spend your weekends poring over auto magazines and fixing up classic cars? You might want to turn your passion for cars into a money-making blog. Starting up an auto-based blog is a way to share your views on the latest bits of news coming out of the automotive world, interact with other enthusiasts, and even potentially make a bit of money on the side. To get started, you’ll want to keep the following tips in mind.

Find your Own Niche

It’s all well and good to start a blog devoting to anything and everything related to cars, but if you want to hook your readers it’s better to focus on an area that you’re most interested in. Do you get a thrill from motorsports, or are you interested in the future of hybrid and electric cars? Is there a particular topic that you wish was covered in greater depth online? Congratulations: that can be your own niche. Whether you have a favourite make and model to discuss or want to talk about future concept cars, narrowing your focus can help you end up with a winning auto blog idea.

Design your Website                       

In addition to thinking about the topics you’re going to cover, you’ll also want to think about your website’s look and feel. What will the tone be like? Do you want to have a more humorous site, one that primarily displays flashy photos, or a professional review site? Deciding on a tone can help you choose a design that will best suit it. It’s helpful to consult with a Houston web development team if you’re based in Texas; or a local designer wherever you plan to target readers. Although you can simply sign up on WordPress and choose a free template, if you want to tailor your design to match your content it’s helpful to use the services of a more professional web design New York team. A web designer can set up a content management system for you, so that it’s easy to update your blog whenever you wish.

Grow your Audience

With your slick new web design and hot topics to discuss, you’ll be well on your way to creating a must-read automotive blog. Readers won’t just find your blog automatically, however. You have to make some promotional effort to get it off the ground. Try commenting on other blog posts, or taking part in online automotive communities. You could also try guest-posting for existing automotive blogs, with a link to your own blog in return. This can help create widespread exposure for your new website. Social media is also an important tool. You can use Twitter and Facebook to promote your blog posts and share the latest auto news tidbits.

Monetise It

Monetising your blog is not mandatory, and many bloggers simply post new material for the fun of it. However, if you want to make some money on the side, it’s fairly easy to post advertising using tools like Google Adsense. Although you’re unlikely to make enough to buy the new LaFerrari, you may just end up with enough for a vintage Vespa!