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Why the Nissan Juke is becoming a popular family car
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The Juke’s Unique Package


The Nissan Juke is making a splash in the world of family cars for many other reasons other than its low sticker price. It certainly has been called quirky and is unlike many other SUVs on the road due to its riding style and design. However, it is the combination of unique engineering and utility that are allowing this vehicle to gain in popularity with families.

Nissan has an unparalleled ability to combine all the performance factors of minis with the looks of a 4×4. Fortunately for drivers, the space and functioning of a traditional 4×4 vehicle have been retained as well. For under £20,000 at the top of the line, drivers are rewarded with an SUV that is distinctive, handles like a vehicle half its size, and defines value with nearly every consideration. Despite its appearances, the Nissan Juke available at Bristol Street Motors only features one model that is actually equipped with 4×4 capabilities. Although, there is plenty of performance built into the non-4×4 designs thanks to the 1.5-Litre diesel engine or the 1.6-Litre conventional designs that can be outfitted with a turbocharger.

The Juke offers drivers ideal handling for getting around town but has the potential to put the power forth when it is needed. The Juke Nismo, for example, can get 197 bhp. The suspension may be stiffer, but that fact does not make it any less fun to drive. The Juke can also hold its own when it makes its way out of the city. The high ride gives it the ability to face down obstacles that no mini was ever meant to see. There are only a few sacrifices that have been made in order for Nissan to give the Juke its unique appearance. The space that it offers in the back is nothing akin to what one might find in a Range Rover, however, buyers are getting much more for their money in terms of economics and features. The only real drawback that buyers encounter is the fact that 4WD only comes with an automatic gearbox.

The 5-door, family-friendly Juke can also make its way off of the line quickly, even when it is loaded with cargo. Every model has clocked in moving from zero to 62 in under 13 seconds. Families are also taking notice of this vehicle because of its ability to provide safety on the road. Every member can count on making it from A to B without worry thanks to high crash-test ratings and an emphasis on incorporating the latest technology. When the Juke is placed side by side with other popular SUVs in its class such as the Ford Fiesta available at Bristol Street Motors Birmingham, drivers quickly realize that Nissan has much more experience dealing with compact design than the competitors.