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The Self-Driving Cars to Become a Reality
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              This week we have witnessed the closure of an important partnership between IBM, the world’s largest technology company, and Continental AG, one of the biggest automotive suppliers in the world, through which the companies strive to make the self-driving car a reality. Elmar Degenhart, Continental CEO, stated at the Frankfurt Motor Show the desirable objectives of a future with zero accidents based upon technology, a progress which will provide vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle communication possible several times per second. He didn’t offered a timetable for this project but gave a 12 years period of time for cars to became fully autonomous.

The challenge when talking about self-driving cars concept would be how too instantly process reams of data. Theoretically, it’s supposed that a self-driving car could generate data volume of 1 gigabyte per minute due to the multiple sensors and cameras that will constantly monitoring the road changing positions.

If IBM will be ready for this task, technologically speaking, than the future of cars it’s a clear one. The cars will transform into mobile communication platforms with extend to greater safety. Previous reports were stating a Google partnership possibility on self-driving car technology, but seems like IBM won this ride, Degenhart continuing to see the automotive future coming from technology companies. “The impetus comes from digital world. Not just having internet in the vehicle, but the vehicle will be part of the internet.”

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