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The Q30 Hatchback Concept is revealed
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              Here it is, the Infiniti Q30 concept, a colored hatchback that brings a proper production car and promoted by none other than F1 world’s champion Sebastian Vettel.  It is a luxury compact segment that is predicted to be launched at some point in 2015 and which will be made in Britain, in Nissan’s Sunderland plant.

Alfonso Albaisa, the Executive Design Director of Infiniti, got his inspiration from Italian and coachwork and Japanese brushstrokes, creating a look which incorporates F1-inspired elements with a masculine, contoured side with a sharp crease running along the side. It was said that the final version of the product shall retain almost 90% of the actual style.

The interior reaches a high level of luxury too being compiled from sculpted ceramic placed in the seatbacks, the center console is decorated with metal surfaces, door panels and a great amount of beige leather and carbon fibre.

There were rumors which have implied ideas of Vettel’s appointment being just marketing deflection, but Andreas Sigl diminished these thoughts, stating that Sebastian offered proper feedback to their engineers and he tested out the competition from BMW and Audi in order to benchmark the requirements for the upcoming Q30.

Through this car, Infiniti pursuits the company’s growth in Europe and China, planning to build half a million vehicles by the end of 2020 globally, plan anchored into the core value of the company “We relish our role as the challenger and brand that restores the definition of exclusivity.”

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