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Syrena Sport is back as a modified Nissan 370Z
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A couple of cars that have been produced in Poland betwen 1957 and 1983, own the Syrena name and now is back in the world automotive industry, as a with a redesigned bodywork.

Syrena has been an automotive model that was manufactured in Poland betwen 1957 and 1983. In the period that it was build, FSO Syrena got some variants -from 100 to 105 -but the main idea remained the same: a two-door sedan and a two-stroke engine.

Besides sedans, the Syrena model was also being built as a van and as a truck. In the late ’50, the FSO engineers designed the prototype of a coupé model that they named Syera Sport. This model had a design inspired by the sport models of the moment, like Mercedes 190 SL and Ferrari 410 Supreamerica. The entire car weighed only 1653 pounds ( 710 kg ), and the boxer engine from under the fiberglass hood had a 700 cc that produced about 35 bhp around 6 000 rpm.
Because of the politico-economic climate of the moment, Syrena Sport never made it to mass production, being built in just several copies.
However, the Syrena Sport name revived and the designer, Pavlo Burkatskyy is the one that designed the bodywork of the new coupe which is based on the 370Z Nissan.
Under the hood it will be the same V6, 3.7 l engine, like in a series 370Z, which will be built with two power variants – 330 bhp and 450 bhp. Provisional technical data, tell us that the new Syrena Sport will go from 0 to 60 in less than 4.5 seconds and it will reach a top speed of 180 miles/h ( 290 km/h ).
For the moment the production plan includes just one copy, but if there will be demand, the car could get to mass production, if not, the name Syrena Sport could end up in the shadow again

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