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Skoda gets a Sporty Touch
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At least this is what Skoda’s head of technical development, Dr. Frank Welsch declared. Even the CEO Dr. Vahland perpetuated an intriguing hint on a taken-into-account idea of livelier Skodas, idea that wasn’t denied at the Frankfurt Motor Show either but exploited into a much emotional and engaging part through the sporty touch.

With the family values unchanged, the guys from Skoda are talking of a sporty SUV for the start, a more normal large 4X4, 7 seats, practical transport features with bases in the MOB platform, but, as Welsch said, with a more raked roof-line. Even the Octavia had been taken into account for a coupe-ish roofline, but just like the first option mentioned above with the Skoda ethos maintained. Of this manner, the car company will be able to continue selling normal cars, affordable price-based but with a slightly touch of sporty feeling.

But, for the moment it remains at the idea level, without any practical action being taken yet. In other words, there was another detail pointed out by Welsch, more exactly it confirmed a plug-in hybrid appearance on the market but not for now which kind of direct us into the thought of Skoda being cautious when it comes to the eco-based products.

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