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Salute the 6X6 Brabus B63S
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Here it is, the 6×6 Brabus G63S, a six-wheel-drive of 700 horsepower from Mercedes. An amazing and so awaited vehicle that leave you with the unsettling sensation of trembling subservience of little humans. A car designed to provide the potential of ten-run cars, has in its structure a Mercedes 6×6 G-Wagen, with the same visual impact as the car itself, and substitutes the 5.5-litre V8 twin turbos with special Brabus blowers, offering a much better boost pressure.

And the impressive list of components doesn’t stop here, we are also talking about the gold heat reflection sheathing for the intake  and charge-air pipes in the purpose of lowering the air temperature, a complete stainless steel exhaust system, all customized specially for this Brabus G63, all of these resulting into a running bonkers 690bhp, 708lb of torque and a 0-62mph time for 7.4 seconds.

Talking about the exterior, we have a front spoiler, a carbon fibre bonnet scoop, polished Brabus mirrors, dark tinted LED lights and, making the passage within the interior there are TV screens, stainless steel scuff plates and aluminum-based components. An amazing four-tones car that evokes power, impeccable design and a price of £400,000.

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