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Range Rover Evoque: The Vicious Stylish Car
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Bored with your car? Feel like you’re not showing the world how fashionable yet fierce you are? Range Rover Evoque, luxury compact SUV endorsed by Victoria Beckham might be the right answer to increase your chances to be stylish and fabulous. Being selected Women’s World Car of the Year 2012, Range Rover Evoque keeps improving the specifications for the new 2013 products.
With the masterpiece touch from the Land Rover Design Director, Gerry McGovern, Range Rover Evoque has a breathtaking design with a Land Rover LRX platform. Classy, luxurious yet sporty. The improved 2013 Range Rover Evoque has all it takes to be the best SUV in the world. It has four-cylinder engine for powerful driving. All of the models equipped with six-speed automatic transmission,and turbocharged that can boost the engine up to 240hp. Acceleration 0-100km/hour can be reached in just 7.1 seconds. Quite friendly on fuel consumption take this “baby” Range Rover to the new level of urban vehicle.

On the exterior, Range Rover Evoque compact and intriguing form also makes this economical SUV favored by not just modern female but also male executives. Range Rover Evoque stylish and luxurious five-seat cabin designed to make them feel comfortable while the Land Rover latest version of Terrain Response maximizes stability and traction control. This brave and compact SUV is one of the most expensive models in the class. Some people say it’s worth every penny. How about you? Will you accept the challenge from this lady range rover to get on and off road smoothly?


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