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New Airbag That Ensure Colliding-free Passengers
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The safety and human protection in regards of the multitude of car accidents that happen on a daily-based, as the market research reveals, it has always wrapped as the prime concern for the car-based engineers specialized in the safety field. Due to the numerous amounts of car accidents deceases, the safety professionals have revised a multitude of damage-free possibilities, reaching over the years the stage of side-impact resolve-based point of view. It is believed that the right position and interception of the seatbelts and airbags could prevent a high risk body damage, inclusive the death option. With this thought in their mind, have tested various ideas with beta status attached until an innovating solution had been offered by the guys from General Motors.

The ambition points out a provocative and truly innovative idea of airbag concept specially designed for the protection and risk damage control when it comes to car accidents, including the side-ones too. Stepping outside the conventional box thinking, this new airbag concept is created on a much thicker manner from a high resistance-based material.


This life-saving tech-savvy product was recently released and it was presented under the words of Scott Thomas, an experienced airbag systems engineer, who said that it was a real challenge to work on this innovative concept taking into account the geometry-based way of work and construction, detail that made it quite difficult especially when is reduced to time frame work, pre-established period of time which was over passed. But, moving forward with the perception, it was indeed quite the difficult and provocative scratch-start-up project that succeeded to reach the surface of the market with an impressive design and high level of car accidents protection.

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