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Audi’s Nanuk Quattro and Sport Quattro have innovated Frankfurt
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It’s a well known fact that the Audi brand has gained a four decades experience on the American market. With a slow start in the beginning, the German luxury class automobile has been finally embraced by the Americans, reaching an outstanding number of car sales of 100,000 last year.

But, due to the innovation and high tech designs, Audi succeeded to surpass last year’s milestone getting at a 14.7 percent sales so far this year, situation that have armed the brand with lots of confidence and success-oriented approach.

At this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show edition, Audi made their presence visible through two new concept cars valued in innovation, daringness, out-of-box designs and success. The Audi Nanuk Quattro and Audi Sport Quattro are the two models exposed into the show.

First car concept, the Nanuk Quattro, take its place within the sport area with thick tires and a V10 engine that holds 550 horsepower. On the other hand, the Sport Quattro is designed into the twin-turbo plug-in hybrid concept, with a V8 engine and electric motor combined with 700 horsepower.



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