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A New Diesel Era on U.S Roads
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Diesel-powered vehicles like Volkswagen and Audi are designed for people who are looking for a ride out of ordinary. Due to the higher fuel economy standards, many automakers direct their business into the diesel-vehicle field, which offer a 30 % better fuel economy than gasoline. It’s true, 2014 will see a double increase into the “clean diesel” models. By the end of 2014, there will be 40 diesels available to car buyers and pickup trucks too.
According to Andreas Sambal, North American director of marketing for Bosch’s diesel systems division, “the U.S. has been very focused on hybrids and electric vehicles, but we are seeing the interest in diesels in the U.S. turn the corner as more people buy them and their friends hear of all the advantages.”
Volkswagen came straight and declared that half of the Passats, built place in Tennessee, have diesel engines. Chevy moved forward too and released on the market a diesel version of Cruze compact, while Audi had increased the diesel –based vehicles from 2 to 5 this year, taking into account a sixth one.
With the cost of the engine systems, 2500 dollars over a gas engine, and the cost of diesel fuel higher than gasoline, diesels haven’t succeeded to make an impression on the market yet, reaching only a three percent of new vehicle sales till now. Even though the diesel situation it’s not the most popular alternative, the automakers try constantly to convince car buyers of its advantages.

Volkswagen says that a Jetta TDI will save you 3000 dollars over a three-year period, while Mercedes states that the GL diesel is less than the gas version of the German SUV, about 15,600 dollars less to be precise.

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