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Inspection Expectations: Advice for getting a car MOT
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Inspection Expectations: Advice for getting a car MOT


MOT checks are a fact of life that everyone must deal with. Just because it’s a chore does not mean that you shouldn’t put in a little extra effort to save money and get the best service possible, however. There are several ways to cut a few corners without sacrificing on service to ensure that your pounds are pulling as much weight as possible.

The first way to make your annual MOT available at Bristol Street Motors check as efficient as possible is to do some of the work yourself. If you have the time, there is no reason not to take advantage of this option. There are plenty of websites that outline specifically what technicians will be looking at on the exterior and interior of your vehicle during the service. Save yourself some hassle by ensuring these items are in order before you head to the shop. One of the most common errors on the exterior of the car is problems with the tyres. Every vehicle must be utilizing the tyre that is of the proper size and shape for their vehicle as designated by the manufacturer. Another common area for problems relates to your washers and wipers. These must be in working order and in good enough shape to give you a clear view of the roadway in adverse conditions.

On the interior of the car, there are several key areas to which inspectors pay close attention. The first of these are the dash lights. Warning lights that are illuminated or inoperative can pose a problem. The check engine light, low battery, and emergency brake warning must all be in operation. Although it should be obvious, safety belts are of a primary concern. These must be operational and in good shape or there is no way for you to pass inspection. Other minor details on the interior include the security of passenger seating and the structure of the car in general.

When you do feel you are ready for the MOT test, choose your shop based on word of mouth. This outlet is the most honest form of advertising there is. While it is possible to find a cheap deal here and there, be sure that the shop you plan on using has a reputation for quality car service available at Bristol Street Motors before you give them your business. Should you fail to pass the test the first go around, then you do have the option of bringing your car up to standard and receiving one free re-test. However, in rare instances, you may fail the test when your auto is in perfectly fine shape. If this is the case, then you can appeal the inspection by filing a VT-17 form that is readily available at most MOT-testing centres.