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Celebrity fresh news: Dick Van Dyke’s car, Jaguar XJ cough on fire
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Dick Van Dyke is not that famus in my eyes, but about four days ago, he became first page celebrity because his Jaguar XJ “burned to a crisp” without a notice. Dick is just fine, nothing happen to the old man.

According to TMZ interview with Dick, he drove on the 101 (near my house actually) around Calabasas California, then he heard noise coming from his nice new Jaguar XJ. He thought he got a flat tire so he pulled to the side of the road. Then some smoke came from his car, funny he said that he tried to call the DMV. I would call AAA if I where him…

Luckily, a near by rescue worked that is off duty run to Van Dyke and rescue him while the fire consume his Jaguar. The video above shows the car already cooked all the way, as the gas tank exploded as well. No one was injured. I hope Jag’s will not start to have a non controlled combustion Lamborghini style from now on.


TMZ Interview with Dick after the fire–