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Cars of the nearest future: 5 technologies we are to meet on the road pretty soon
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Cars of the nearest future: 5 technologies we are to meet on the road pretty soon


Automotive industry secures us with an infinite stream of innovative technologies be it for entertainment, safety or just to impress the society always eager after circuses and less enthusiastic about bread. The majority of car innovations is focused on the safety, of course. Yet, some of them are really exciting and may well become an indispensable part of every driver’s life within a couple of decades or so. They are likely to revolutionize not only life on the roads, but our general idea of ways of transportation, too.


Latest best-selling car versions already have a bunch of in-car displays destined to help you get to the point of destination quickly, easily and, what’s most important, safely. BMW, however, has made a huge step forward introducing a windshield display and developing a purely innovative augmented reality displays along with this. This new incarnation of dashboard will be able to get information about the objects on and along the road in front of you and display this data on the windshield. Apart from telling the driver about possible accident threats onward, road signs, traffic lights and showing the route, future cars will also have a passenger AR glasses which will allow them to have a look at the objects outside the car that has drawn their attention, examine them, zoom in and out, etc.


Another interesting idea of car manufacturers is the so-called vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2V) meant to help reduce the amount of tragic accidents on the roads. This technology is supposed to let the car interact with one another while you’re driving, collect information about the surrounding vehicles and enhance the safety by keeping the safe distance and, this way, preventing collisions. According to approximate estimations, introduction of V2V cars will lead to the graduated reduction of the number of car crashes.


As some predictions say, in the next two or three decades hybrid cars, step by step, will fully occupy the streets of our cities. This means essential environmental benefits but on the other hand batteries make these hybrids too heavy. Some of the European car manufacturers have collaborated to research battery panels placed in the body of a car, which will help reduce the overall weight to 15 percent. Meanwhile, Toyota has gone even further and is currently working on body panels which will also be able to cumulate energy, apart from simply storing it.


These are the main future car technologies that have attracted our attention.


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