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New Honda Civic review
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Honda is known for durability throughout the world. Properly maintained Honda cars available at Vertu Honda will last for many years of dependable driving. They hold their value well and make a great investment for someone looking for a lifetime car. Honda innovations has helped shaped the past, present, and will continue well into the future.

2013 Honda Civic

If you are currently looking for a car, one of your best choices will be a new Honda Civic. The Civic has been around for decades and the new 2013 model is beautiful. Sporting a new front end that blends beautifully with the rest of the car, the new Honda Civic is as stylish as any competitor.

The exterior

The outside of the Civic has blended the old in with the new. A sweeping new front end and the rear also getting updated makes for a different look overall. The new front and rear blend in flawlessly with the rest of the car.

Inside the Civic

The new Honda Civic has a great looking updated interior. The dashboard has a great new look with extra upgrades to the upholstery and doors. Extra soundproofing material has been added which almost eliminates noise from the engine, wind, and tires. A backup camera is standard with Honda always on the forefront of latest technology.

The base engine

This could be the only true flaw of the Civic. Putting out just around 140 HP, this car is not going to win many races. However this is the reason for the fantastic fuel efficiency. The engine is also very dependable giving you many miles of trouble free driving.

An upgrade

Opting for the bigger engine in the Civic will give a little more power but the mileage the car will get will reflect on that. For those wanting the best mileage possible in a new Honda Civic the hybrid will be the way to go. This car gets excellent mileage as well having Honda dependability. The other option to come close to equalling this mileage is to go with the diesel.

Driving the Civic

The 2013 Civic handles better than earlier models due to a reworked suspension. The seats are better with the dashboard itself being a work of art. Long trips are a joy in this car due to the comfort of the seats and fuel efficiency. Come and see the new Honda Civic available at Vertu Honda and you too will want to drive one home.