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Essential Tips For Buying Personalised Number Plate
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Essential Tips For Buying Personalised Number Plate


Personalised number plates are becoming extremely popular among bike owners and car owners all over the world. With lots of registration numbers available on the market, there are some amazing combinations that can definitely go well with the taste and budget of individuals. These number plates usually come with a range of prices depending upon the letter or number combinations. Since personalised number plates represent certain messages, it’s of utmost importance to getting them made up to the mark.


And when it comes to choose a personalised number plate for your car or a bike, there are literally hundreds of thousands options available. And you definitely want to own a number plate which is skilfully customised with specific message. Thus, you need to give of your thoughts whilst getting a personalised number plate. However, if you’re confused on how to go about the things to having a standard number plate without claiming much of time and energy, we’ve some excellent tips for you.


  • Always prefer to buy the best cherished number plate which you can easily afford. And if you’re purchasing a private registration number with a purpose of investment, this is surely going to be good. If possible bargaining over the price is a good idea to get the desired deal. Thus, always hunt for an array of options to get the best customised number plate with good value for money.


  • When buying personalised number plate, you can’t just make a number plate using any numbers or letters as it must meet a set format by the DVLA. You can utilise the formats such as letters followed by numbers and vice versa.


  • It’s good to buy low digits for prefix, suffix or even for the dateless number plates. Because the fewer the number of digits, the better it is. However if your budget allows more than 3 digits, you should make your choice for the numbers that have more impressive appeals such as 100, 008 or 777 etc. Moreover the numbers such as 18, 30, 21 and 40 have some special appeals as they claim significant birthdays. And of course, you can make your own choices depending upon the beliefs of certain numbers.


  • If you’re purchasing a prefix number plate, it might be good enough to have as close to the letter A as you can. However there’re some exceptions in this format, such as ‘H1’ signifies ‘hi’ or ‘X1’ represents a BMW model. There are a few other options such as X11 or XIV that represent Roman numerals.


  • If you want to create a word or a name, ensure that you’re not depending upon the strategically placed tape or screws. Because it’s neither good nor legal. Also make sure you just don’t limit to too many letters being replaced by the digits. Just think over the target word or name and then accordingly choose the ultimate combination of the letters and digits that will make your number plate stand apart. Moreover bear in mind that it’s illegal to misrepresent any registration number i.e. no usages of bizarre fonts, stray screws or bits of tapes etc. However you don’t do so, you’ll definitely risk a fine or may even lose your personal registration number.


  • It’s always advisable to have a look through a range of number plates on many websites before making your choice. This will help you to get the best personalised number plate with good value for money.


Thus, opt for the number plate that’s meaningful, closer and add value to your car. And this is the reason why you should wisely choose your number plate that will go extra miles.


Author Bio :


Ross Wright is a car racer and he also has a range of number plates that are exceptionally made up to the standard such as NNGB. According to him owning such unique number plates from reputed company is of utmost importance to make the most of any car.