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Cars and gaming
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‘It’s not just about winning or losing’ is how Sony is pitching – Drive Club – the soon to be released driving game for the PS4, ‘It’s about teamwork’. Players must join a club, share the thrills and spills of races and earn points and rewards together, whilst bonuses can be won via in-race challenges.

Courtesy of the new PS4 controller, which utilises Dual-shock technology for a greater gaming experience, players can enjoy this multi-player racing game in which they get to drive cars such as the Hennessey Venom, V10 Audi R8 and McLaren MPC. Points are rewarded for Face-Off challenges such as head-to-head cornering-efficiency or speed challenges. Players also get the bonus of being able to see the dents and scratches on their opponent’s car if they go off track, or the downside of seeing the damage to their own car should they do the same. Other challenges include making your car drift for as long as possible; a technique that involves mastering the art of combining your momentum with tilting and leaning the sticks in an effort to maximise effectiveness. All in all, the unique challenges, new controller and team-play element of the game combine to give Drive Play the potential to provide hours of fun, though whether PS4 will hit the jackpot is open to personal interpretation. With the game not due out until the Summer-Holiday period, eager gamers could do worse than enjoying a bit of time playing fun games such as Granny Prix or Good to Go.

Granny Prix is a scratchcard race in a lifetime (with Granny behind the wheel) that combines authentic sound effects, slick animation, colourful characters and great graphics, whilst offering players the chances of big payouts, whilst Good to Go gives players 9 possible pay-lines courtesy of a 5 reel slot machine in which players encounter pit babes, full-throttle rev counters, courses, cars and the chequered flag.