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2014 Ferrari F12 berlinetta Spyder – Fresh Italian Carbon Fiber
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Ferrari will keep on amazing us on 2014, with the new Ferrari F12. Extreme performance and prices that made me think about opening a new saving bank account for this car.

Claimed power is 730 brake horse power (BHP), given by the 6.3 L V12 engine that sits on the front. It will be convertible AND it would be the most powerful Ferrari ever been on the production line. what is the Ferrari F12 berlinetta 0-60? it’s 3.1 seconds, but only if you are really skinny. Top speed for the Ferrari F12 is 210 MPH.

So how the hell they made this convertible hold all this power, and keep the chassis hard on the worst times? Aluminium and Carbon Fiber meet together in a perfect harmony in this car.

Ferrari offers soft top when you race, and hard top when it’s raining. They offer the soft top cause it is lighter and less complex to fold then the hard top, and you can actually take the top with you (If you don’t have a blond girl next to you, cause there is absolotly no space to fit it in the “trunk” of the car!)

Prices are not that bad at $400,000 US dollars. At least you know that the dollar will worth less in a year anyway!