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2013 Acura / Honda NSX Future Electric Vehicle
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The new Acura NSX fuels the imagination. Now that there is a car with 4 electric motors, the possibilities are just endless. Each wheel is computerized, so it knows every inch of movement that each wheel performs. Accelerating, braking and turning is now done with a computer at hand, breaking generating power to each wheel individually, at million of times a second. There is one little problem with this car and our imagination – IT IS NOT REAL!.

I know this because I saw it and it’s just empty. No engines, no seats, no 4 electric motors, just an empty frame. But this is what innovations are all about! Imagining and finding the impossible to become impossible! Yes the industry is really bad right now, and that is why this car is still a shell and not a running model. All we can do now is wait, but obviously this car would bring the next generation of cars from the test drive and beyond.