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What to do after an accident?
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Every motorist’s worst fear when on the road is being involved in a horrific accident. They may worry about the expense of paying for car repairs and the inconvenience of it all, but perhaps the biggest concern of many drivers is becoming injured after a serious collision. After an accident, it can be hard to think straight, but there are a few things you should do if such an incident happens to you.

First, you should call an ambulance if you need medical attention. This will ensure you’re seen to quickly and professionally, and that you’re given a diagnosis as soon as possible. Before you get medical treatment, you should take photographic evidence of the accident, as this will help later on. Also, you should exchange details with the other driver involved for insurance purposes.

Getting in touch with your insurer is also important. This will help you financially if you need to pay for any repair costs or claim from the driver at fault for your accident. However, if the money paid out (if any) by your insurance provider isn’t enough, contacting no win no fee company first4lawyers for assistance with making a compensation claim could be the best course of action.

If you suffer an injury such as whiplash, you could make a whiplash claim which could result in you being paid enough compensation to cover all your costs such as physiotherapy, medication and lost income through not being able to work. This is the best possible thing to do if your insurer is being unhelpful after your road traffic accident.

About the author:

Thomas Brindley is a lawyer who, alongside firms like medicalsolicitors.co.uk, works on road traffic accident claims.