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Make sure you always have motor insurance
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Apart from being required by law, there are plenty of reasons why you should want to take out a car insurance policy to make sure that you’re covered if the worst should happen. Statistics show that there are fewer uninsured drivers on the road this year than there has been for the better part of half a decade, but it’s unsurprising that for many people it is becoming increasingly difficult to afford car insurance. The cost of driving in some EU countries – particularly those like Ireland where roads are isolated and potentially more dangerous – is significantly higher for many people than it was a few years ago, but thankfully it is possible to get cheap car insurance from 123.ie and other providers. If you find yourself in a crash, it’s vitally important that you’re insured.

Regardless of whether a crash is your fault or not, having the law against you and no hope of paying for repairs or other bills is not something that you want to risk. All it takes is a little stress or tiredness, and before you know it you can find yourself in a serious collision. If you’re not insured the chances are much higher that you might have to write off the car entirely. If you are covered you should be able to carry out all the repairs you need, or put down a significant deposit for a new car.

Even if the collision is relatively minor, motor insurance can help you to carry out repairs when your car suffers a small knock. A cracked windscreen or broken bumper, while relatively insignificant, will still need to be fixed, and insurance can make that a possibility. Many insurers will repair something like a crack in a windshield free of charge to prevent the costs from escalating for all the parties involved.