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2013 SRT Viper Sneak Peak Review Starts at $97,395
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Finally a build your own real raw american muscle car!

With my calculation you can have a combination of over 100,000 options to create your dream monster Dodge Viper. I looks like they took the BMW back end and tweak it a little to make it more CRAZY! I like it. Extreme body panel designs with sharp edges that screams testosterone. Performance numbers are yet to be clear, but i’m sure it will be fast in the straights and quick on the curves. America did learn from the UK (Yes LOTUS!) how to make the suspension hard but soft when you want it to be. Balance is the key for those kind of super cars. Don’t forget that in the end a real (Wealthy and lucky) person will actually use this thing on the weekends to buy some Trader Joe’s groceries, and maybe a nightclub on Hollywood if he is not 40 yet.

Here is some specs for you guys:

* Aluminum 8.4-liter V-10, they reinforce the aluminium block and other engine parts.

* 6400 RPM limiter, that is Lamborghini loud!

* 640 HP at 600 Torque, that is good.

* It’s light at about 3300 lb, they learned.

* Carbon fiber body panels and roof, what about the body? (just kidding, this is a 100K car not 500K car!)

* 0-60 in 3.3 seconds, not bad but not amazing, the driver was probably 130 pounds.

* I like the way they build the engine compartment, it looks like the Ford Gt.

Buy it? humm, it’s not a bad deal. You get what you want for a price that is 60% then anything as fast. It’s unique and I believe you will get hooked to it and own it for a long time. It’s kind of cars that stays with you. Just don’t pass it to your kids, they will crash it! only you will understand it truly, it the return will be great…

2013 SRT Viper