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2013 Toyota Auris tuning by Modellist
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2013 Toyota Auris

The 2013 Toyota Auris has just obtained its second adjusting kit finalized by TRD, with the Japoneses car manufacturers in-house adjusting arm Modellista has taken this car under their side for some delicious variations.

The idea for this aesthetic track is motivated by Char Aznable, a imaginary personality from the Gundam sequence. Mobile Fit Gundam used to be an cartoon sequence broadcasted in Asia between 1979 and 1980 about massive robots.

The 2013 Toyota Auris hatchback is coming with an apron for the front spoiler, LED day time lighting, black greyish 18-inch metal tires, a diffuser / extractor, a red aluminum foil cover and air vents in the bonnet. At the back of the car there happens to be unobtrusive ceiling spoiler and quad tailpipes.

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