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2013 MINI Paceman leaked photos
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2013 MINI Paceman

These are the first images for your 2013 MINI Paceman of the barely disguised pre-production model, expected debut later this month in the 2012 Paris Auto Show.

The leaked images were taken by Motoringfile in the MINI Space, but MINI hasn’t released any technical or pricing information.

The 2013 MINI Paceman will be the two-door version with the Countryman because designers have altered the body through the A-pillars. It has the identical wheelbase and platform as the five-door model, dimensions will to some 44 pounds (20 kg) lighter, which will help boost performance very slightly.

After greeting the show-going public Paris Auto Show, the 2013 MINI Paceman is going to be sold in the German market will probably be 1,500 Euros (roughly $1,900) more than its four-door sibling.

2013 MINI Paceman Photos

2013 MINI Paceman

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